Trick or Eat Spooky Tour

Get ready to taste the parts of New Haven that come from the depths of your nightmares. We have put together a walking tour that will make even the darkest demons hungry. It’s a tour to please to most sinister of impulsive appetites while we fill your brains with mind-bending tales and travel to known haunted sites, ancient cemeteries, eerie basements and fabled Yale secret societies. We may even have a few visitors popping in along the way….. Besides the copious amount of flesh we will be feeding on, our path will lead us to a coven of tasty bites, toothy tastes, and blood-thirsty concoctions.

Stops include indulging on a tasty taco and a margarita from Geronimo, then we trounce over The Trinity Bar for Irish blood sausage washed down with Guinness. We step on graves to get to Yorkside Pizza & Restaurant for gluttonous amounts of Greek food, pizza and beer or wine. Our lives and tour ends in the dark depths of the basement of Old Heidelberg Bar for your final meal of brats, cocktails and beer & the faint sound of our screams of udder delight.

This creepy amble lasts about 5 hours and is rain, shine or kingdom come. Survivors walk about 1.5 miles total. All food, blood and drink tastes are covered in your ticket price. To escape the wrath of your guide, bring a little cash treat to help them wet their beak, or else…

We walk about 1.5 miles total.
Tour last about 4 hours