Pizza in New Haven

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-Featured in the January 2019 edition of Connecticut Magazine

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Pizza in New Haven is the culmination of over 140 years of Italian cultural and culinary influence in this storied Yankee industrial city. Caplan captures a legendary but forgotten past showcasing the toils of immigration and factory work and the bonds created through preparing family recipes. The book opens readers’ appetites to one of the earliest and most influential pizza making cities in the country and how these hardworking families built a culinary industry around their shared passion for their native comfort food. The same coal that supplied the world with New Haven’s factory fare cooked the delectable pizza that fed mill workers, produce farmers, politicians, college students and townies of every color, creed and carriage alike. New Haven’s historic pizzerias dominate the city’s food landscape and attract hungry and curious visitors from around the globe looking to satisfy their quest for what is unequivocally the greatest food to ever be made.