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The Pizza Files

The Pizza Files

The Pizza Files, a hot pizza-related adventure created by pizza guru Colin M. Caplan, founder of Taste of New Haven, producer of Pizza A Love Story and author of Pizza in New Haven,Caplan spearheaded the push to have New Haven declared the Pizza Capital of America by CT Governor Ned Lamont. The Pizza Files provides saucy stories about pizza culture, history, families, recipes and lore, feeding the growing national interest in this subject.

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The Women Ruling The Pizza Game
Aired: Mar 22, 2024

Women have always had a major role in making and spreading pizza in America. From the first Italian immigrants it was often the mothers and grandmothers who shared their family recipes or made pizza during the feasts. For Women’s History Month we visit the renowned Zuppardi’s Apizza in West Haven, CT where 3rd generation sisters Cheryl and Lori carry on the tradition their grandfather Domenico Zuppardi started in the 1930s. We will learn how their leadership and passion have propelled Zuppardi’s to become one of the leading pizza makers and exporters and top ranked pizzerias in the state.

New Haven Declared Pizza Capital of America
Airied: Feb 23, 2024

On National Pizza Day, Feb 9, 2024 Gov Ned Lamont was joined by a dozen New Haven pizza powerhouses to declare that Connecticut has the best pizza and that New Haven is the Pizza Capital of America. People in New York and New Jersey are up in arms while those touting New Haven’s pizza prowess and saying this for years are relishing in this proclamation. We will explore how this whole debate and claim started, and why of all places, New Haven pizza makers continue to make the best pizza in the nation.

The Origins of New Haven Style Pizza
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With dozens of regional pizza styles across the country each with their legions of loyal fans, we explore what separates New Haven style apizza from the rest. This thin, crispy, chewy, charred crusted pizza has a long history, some unusual pronunciations and spelling, but its origin story and the families that established this style explain how it all got baked into arguably the best pizza on earth. We will look at the pizzerias like Sally’s Apizza, Frank Pepe Pizzeria, Modern Apizza and others who helped make this style of pizza headline news in Connecticut and beyond.

The Pizza Files is featured on WTNH News 8 during Connecticut’s Morning Buzz from 10-11am on Friday February 23 ! Here’s the trailer: