Pasta Tour!

Pasta Tour

Pasta lovers unite on our Pasta Tour in the heart of New Haven’s Little Italy along Wooster Street! This indulgent walk takes guests to some of the best spots for pasta paired with wine and sweets to help it all go down smoothly. One of the best known Italian foods, pasta comes in myriad shapes and with a variety of sauces, and is best enjoyed with others!

The tour starts us at a fan favorite with Zeneli Pizzeria e Cucina Napoletana for the simple but savory Cacio e Pepe spaghetti paired with a smooth Campanian red wine. We then cross the road to Pasta Eataliana for the famous Paccheri alla Siciliana paired with a robust Tuscan red wine. To please your palate we visit the state’s oldest pastry shop, Libby’s, for some fresh Gelato and an espresso, followed by a walk around the block to digest and make more room. We finish our pasta adventure at the historic Consiglio’s Restaurant for delectable Cavatelli with marinara, home made Limoncello liquor and top it off with a slice of succulent Tiramisu! And at that we say “Basta!”

-Tour lasts about 4 hours and is rain or shine
-We walk about a quarter of a mile total
-Come hungry since we will serve a plenty of pasta and accompanying food

1/4 mile
4 hours

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