Murder Mystery Cocktail Tour

The tour of a lifetime is here! The Murder Mystery Cocktail Tour merges a progressive dinner, craft cocktails, history & intrigue and brings an actual unsolved murder to life. There are no actors, no costumes and definitely no bologna! This tour takes you to some of the best kept vintage restaurants & culinary gems where we pair a decadent meal and mind-altering drinks with some of the darkest stories of old New Haven.

New Haven, 1880s: The scene of a murder. A fisherman finds a young woman’s clothed body floating lifeless in the constant ebb of the summer tide, a life taken too soon, but as evidence reveals, a life taken by force. Her plight from a frolicking dame enjoying the revelries of youth to the twisted thoughts of the person who cast her earthly twinkle into the great abyss, detectives begin a wide search for a vicious murderer . But the prime suspects hide behind lie after lie, witnesses go missing and a team of high profile lawyers and powerful businessmen push the case and the people around it to the edge. In a series of twists, this Victorian murder proves to be one of the longest and most infamous mysteries in New Haven history. But we may uncover the truth, if we put our minds together!

The culinary trial starts with a selection of charcuterie & cheese along with a palette cleansing Aperol Spritz at the chic 9 Squared inside the new Cambria Hotel. Deliberations continue at the storied Old Heidelberg in the Graduate Hotel where we examine German style brats and Bavarian pretzels filtered with an Old Fashioned for the ages. Our next culinary crime scene takes us to the legendary barroom at Ordinary where we investigate a succulent grilled cheese, skillet seared cheeseburgers & a masterfully crafted cocktail. The final verdict shall be read out loud at the Anchor Spa with popcorn, pumpkin cheesecake & the rum based drink Yale Beets Harvard drink, because there’s always a winner and a loser in a murder trial!

-tours are rain or shine, last 4-5 hours & are a mile walk total
-includes a progressive meal & 4 cocktails
-historical narratives & characters are based on real events
-incomparable to other murder mystery events (due to mysterious circumstances)
-led by Taste of New Haven founder, historian & author Colin M. Caplan

We walk about 1 mile total.
This tour last about 4-5 hours.