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The Pizza Bill

The Pizza Bill
The Pizza Bill “An Act Designating Pizza As The State Food” (S. B. 390) is reheating as we speak in Connecticut’s Legislature “to recognize the contribution of pizza to the state’s cuisine and economy by designating it as the state food” once and for all. First proposed in 2021 the bill was happily gobbled up by the House in a near unanimous vote and was boxed and delivered to the Senate, but after voting through some other very important bills, including legalizing recreational marajuana, The Pizza Bill was left out in the cold.
The principal author who cooked up this idea is Colin M. Caplan, pizza guru and head of Taste of New Haven who hosts thousands to fulfill their pizzaquesting dreams in New Haven. Caplan has been hungry to get this bill into the legislative oven since, as it stands now, Connecticut does not have a state food, and not one state has ever acknowledged pizza as theirs. Caplan cites the pizza culture in Connecticut, especially in the New Haven area, for having some of the oldest, highest rated and most sought after pizzerias in the country. He’ s also written a book on the subject “Pizza in New Haven”, a movie “Pizza, a love story” and continues to spread the word to feed the hungry pizza public.
“Pizza is our way of life, our culture, and it is a major part of our economy, jobs & tourism here in Connecticut,” says Caplan. “In New Haven we have our own pizza style, our own lingo and word for pizza: “Apizza” pronounced ah-beetz. The importance of recognizing pizza on this level gives the credit back to these amazing family businesses and community centers, and builds another attraction for travelers to enjoy during a visit to our fair state. People don’t know how good pizza can be until they eat it in Connecticut!”

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