Chef’s Cooking Class: Pat DeRiso of Ernie’s Pizzeria

Join us for an exciting way for you to meet top chefs in their kitchens, learn their preparation and cooking methods, and then make their food with them. This class meets Pat DeRiso, pizzaiolo at Ernie’s Pizzeria in Westville who grew up baking apizza with his father, Ernesto, who emigrated from Amalfi, Italy over 60 years ago. Established since 1971, Ernie’s loyal following sets them apart from other area pizzerias. Run entirely by the family, Pat is the only one who spreads the dough, applies the toppings and moves the pizzas in, around and out of the ovens.

This class will involve getting your hands dirty! Pat will instruct on pizza making techniques and you will attempt to make and cook your own pies. Wine, beer and soda will be provided to help ease the process and all leftovers can come home.